Boost Your Confidence With Your Journal

Boost Your Confidence With Your Journal

If you haven’t been feeling your most confident lately, journaling can help! Yes, journaling is recommended for many different issues in your life, but only because of how amazing it is. The simple practice of putting your thoughts on paper is extremely therapeutic. Here are some ways it can help boost your confidence.

Express Gratitude

An easy way to start feeling more confident is to write about what you are thankful for. Show gratitude for the amazing things in your life, and reflect on your appearance or whatever is taking away from your confidence, and find the good things. For example, if your confidence is low because of how you look, show gratitude for other things. Your appearance is the least important thing about you, but you can start with physical attributes if you want. However, make sure you talk about other strengths you have, including your talents, how hard working you are, how supportive you are to friends, your personality traits, anything you really love about yourself.

Try Positive Self-Talk

When writing in your journal, practice using positive self talk. Every time you have a negative thought, write it down but in a more positive and optimistic way. You can turn anything into positive, even if the only positive thing about it is that it is over or you learned an important lesson from it. Even the most traumatic events in your life can be turned around the opposite direction. It might not be easy to do this every time, but the more you practice positive talk, the happier and more confident you will be.

What is Triggering Your Negative Feelings?

Think about your negative feelings, and what is actually triggering them. Is it coming from you, or an outside source? Why do you lack confidence? What is making you feel vulnerable or judged? If someone has been criticizing you, then you know your negative feelings are from someone else, and not yourself. It is important to understand the difference between what you get from your own mind, and what other people are trying to convince you of. Nobody’s opinion matters but your own, so this is a good first step to boosting your confidence with the help of your journal.

Focus on Your Strengths

Everyone has strengths, including you! Write about them in your journal, reflecting on what makes you amazing. What are you good at? What have you endured to become where you are? Where do you excel? Write these down in your journal.

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