How Often to do Stream of Consciousness Journaling

How Often to do Stream of Consciousness Journaling

With stream of consciousness, there are no rules except to get words on paper. You can bounce around to different topics, write a certain number of pages or set a timer, or just write what you want until your hand gets tired. But how often to do it? Here are some things to consider.

When You Don’t Know What to Write About

You can do stream of consciousness writing at any time, but a good time to take advantage of it is when you aren’t sure what you want to journal about. It helps get your thoughts going and puts words on the page. What often happens is that you have one topic that ends up coming up, that you then want to write more about. It is really great for bringing up what might be hiding in your subconscious.

After a Long Break from Journaling

Have you been away from journaling for a while? You might be a little stuck on how to begin again, so this is another good time to try the SOC writing technique. It is a quick way to get back into the practice of writing and being honest with yourself and finding clarity. You can do it for as many days as you need to until you start figuring out where you want the focus of your journal entries to be.

To do a Brain Dump

When you have so much on your mind, you just need to get it all out on paper so you can reflect and find some clarity, it is the best time for a stream of consciousness journal entry. Sometimes, you get overwhelmed with stress and a million things you are trying to keep up with, that you need to get it out and sort it. This helps you to figure out what is weighing heavily on your mind, what is triggering your emotions, and what you need to work.

If You Only Have a Few Minutes to Write

Another good reason to do this type of writing is when you only have a few minutes, and you want to get some quick journaling done. There is no looking for journaling prompts or trying to think of a good topic. Just write for a few minutes, and your journaling for the day is done. You can also do this several times of day, or whenever you feel you need it.

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