How to Finish the Year Strong with Your Journal

How to Finish the Year Strong with Your Journal

Now that the year is coming to an end, let’s use our journals to finish it off strong. Here are some ways to use your journal to the fullest before December 31st.

Reflect on Your Year

Start by reflecting on your year. Write down how you feel the year went, including the ups and downs, what you learned, and what you accomplished. A year is a long time, so you might need to think monthly, going over what you did each month, or maybe seasonally. Consider the good and bad things, what you feel you did right, and where you might need some improvement. This allows you to look at your year as a learning experience, guiding you to have another great year.

Go Over Your Goals and Progress

Next, go over some of your goals for this year, and what you accomplished. Even if you didn’t complete a goal, you still likely made some progress, which is a wonderful thing to celebrate! Every little thing you get done is a reason to celebrate. You did it, you put your mind to something, and you completed it. Nothing is too small a reason to be proud of yourself!

Share Your Gratitude

We recommend gratitude often when it comes to journaling because it is one of the very best things you can do. When you focus more on what you have and are appreciative in your life, the less time you spend on negative thoughts and what you feel like you are missing out on. Spend some time writing about who or what you are grateful for. People who did nice things for you, simple pleasures that help your daily life, people who bring you joy and happiness, small and big things. Anything that brings a smile to your face or uplifts your spirit can go on the list.

Make Plans for Next Year

For the last part of your journal entry at the end of the year, start making plans for the new year. This is where you want to let the past go, and move forward. Set your resolutions, decide on goals you want to accomplish, and work harder on your habits and healthier lifestyle. Think about this year and where you could use some improvement, and work on that for the next year. Sometimes, the best way to finish your year strong is to make promises to yourself for the next year.

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