Journaling Means Something Different to Everyone

Journaling Means Something Different to Everyone

When you look up the benefits of journaling, you will find a different collection of benefits on just about every blog post an website you read. This is because it can mean something different for everyone. Some people journal because they want to find clarity, others journal for manifesting or because they enjoy writing about their day.

Here are some ways to figure out what journaling means to you.

What is your number 1 reason for journaling?

Narrow down your reasons for journaling to just one thing for now. What is the biggest reason you want to write in a journal? Don’t worry about what that reason is, even if it seems miniscule, pointless, vain, stupid, simple, or anything else. Think about what calls out to you the most. WHY you wanted to write in a journal, what your main motivation is. This is going to help you understand what journaling really means to you.

What do you personally get out of it?

Once you have been journaling for a while, you will understand what you personally get out of it. The benefits that you get in your life from journaling may be different than the benefits someone else gets. You might be scripting in your journal, so you are attracting and manifesting positive things in your life, while your best friend is journaling their goals and using it for that purpose. When you write in your journal, really think about what you are getting out of it and how it is helping you.

What motivates you to keep writing?

It is also good to reflect on what you find to be the most motivating thing, what brings you back to writing in your journal? Maybe it is more of a routine or daily habit, and you should like to have this as a self-care activity, or you are motivated by exploring what is in your subconscious and want more clarity into who you are and what you want out of life. You might be motivated by the prospects of what journaling can do for you in the future, or you are trying to release tension and stress by writing.

What is your journaling experience so far?

Consider what your experience with journaling has been so far. It is not always cut and dry for everyone. You might be someone who had to find a few different things to write about before you figured out what direction you would take, or you started with a goal setting journal, but it became a daily journal over time.

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