Preserve Memories With Your Journal

Preserve Memories With Your Journal

Among the different ways you can change your life with the help of a journal, one of the more surprising benefits you get from it is preserving your memories. Every time you write about your life, even events that seem inconsequential, it becomes something you can cherish and look back on some day. Here are some ways to preserve your memories with your journal.

Use Journaling Prompts About Memories

To start with, there are a lot of journaling prompts specifically about your memories and moments from your life. It is a great way to get started with thinking about the past and really trying to hold on to those memories. Here are some examples of prompts that can help you start thinking about your memories:

What is your favorite memory from grade school?

Who was your first friend and how did you meet them?

What is a holiday tradition you remember from your childhood?

Who was your first crush?

Do you remember learning how to ride a bike?

What is a moment you wish you could relive?

Write About Your Childhood and Adolescence

Preserving memories with your journal often begins with the past. You can do this by thinking about different phases of your childhood, and just writing about the memories that stick with you. This may be different ages or grades, spending time with your friends, going trick-or-treating, watching movies with your parents, fighting with your siblings, time with your first dog or cat, really anything you can think of from these years.

Write About Current Memorable Experiences

Journals can also be used to preserve the memories you are creating now. You are already doing this by writing in your journal, but you can also try some traditional daily journal entries where you just talk about your day and how you spend your time.

Think back when people had diaries during their younger years. You probably wrote about your day, maybe someone you talked to for the first time, where you were going, just anything about your current life. This is what you can do now in your journal. Write about each experience you have, and be as detailed as you can. Add locations, dates, times, and who you were with so you can look back on it.

These might seem like frivolous things now, but one day you will remember it fondly and suddenly be in a place where you are so glad to have documented these moments.

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