Surprising Benefits of Journaling

Surprising Benefits of Journaling

Think you know all the benefits of journaling? There might still be a few surprises around the corner when you make a commitment to writing in your journal on a regular basis. Here are some of the least common benefits of using a journal consistently.

Law of Attraction and Manifesting What You Want

The first less common benefit of journaling to consider is using it for the law of attraction. This is often done in the form of scripting, which is when you write as if what you want or are trying to manifest into your life has already happened. For example, start by thinking about what you want to attract into your life. This can be finding a partner in life, being able to afford your first home or a dream car, or just imagining your dream life.

With that in mind, write in your journal what it would be like as if it has already happened. What your daily life is like, how you feel, what you experience, and what kind of emotions it brings up in you. Be as detailed as you can, and use only positive words.

How does this benefit you? It not only puts you into a positive, happy place thinking of this being a reality one day, but it can help you attract these things into your life in the form of opportunities and new ideas.

Finding Out Who You Are and What You Want Out of Life

Do you have a clear set path in life, or are you a little confused? Journaling can help with both scenarios. If you already know what you want, journaling can help you set goals in order to achieve exactly what you want. On the other hand, if you’re a little lost, you can write about that and find some clarity into what path you should take.

Problem Solving and Resolving Disagreements

You may not realize it right away, but journaling can actually help you with disputes you have with other people, and even see what the real reason behind those issue were. Talk openly in your journal about a disagreement with someone, and try to talk about both sides. How it happened, what your feelings are, how you feel now after the disagreement, and also what the other person might be going through. More often than not, you understand the other person’s perspective, and can help resolve it.

Boosting Your Memory

Lastly, journaling can help to preserve memories and also strengthen your short term memory. When you write down things even as simple as what you did that day, you have that to look back on and remember certain memories later down the line.

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