Topics for Journaling Monthly

Topics for Journaling Monthly

If you have been thinking about journaling, but just don’t have the time or inclination to dedicate a daily practice to it, why not look into monthly journaling? This is when you only need to commit to writing a journal entry once a month – typically at the beginning or end of the month. Take a look at these topics you can use for monthly journaling.

Monthly Goals

For journaling just once a month, one of the best options is to use this time to talk about your monthly goals. Do this near the beginning of the month, when you are planning out what you need to get done that month. Figure out what you want to accomplish before the end of the month, then journal about it. This can be as simple as listing your goals, or you can be detailed with what needs to be done, on what day, what it will cost, and anything else related to those goals.

Monthly Bucket List

Do you have things you want to get done, see, or experience every month? If so, the monthly bucket list is a great option. Instead of a life bucket list, you are listing things you want to do each month. For example, in October, it might include going to the pumpkin patch, watching Halloween movies, picking out your Halloween costume, going to a haunted house, and decorating your home for the falls eason.

How You’re Feeling

Try to use your journal at the end or beginning of the month, and just write about how you are currently feeling. Write about what your thought process is, what you experienced during the month, and just how you are feeling at this point in time. Make sure you date it so you know when you wrote it, as this helps a lot when you are looking back on it later.

Review of the Last Month

If you are using your journal at the end of the month, write a short review on how your month has gone so far. This can be more than just your feelings and thoughts, but what you got done, if you had progress towards any of your goals, and what you are thinking about for the next month. It is a good review that encompasses your entire life and experiences over that month before you get ready to start a new one.

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