Types of Journals to Consider Using

Types of Journals to Consider Using

Once you have made the decision o give journaling a try, the next thing you need to decide is which type of journal you want to use. This is less about the physical type of journal and notebook, and more about what you will be journaling about. While you definitely do not have to pick just one area of journaling, it can help when it comes to choosing the right supplies.

Daily Journal

The first type of journal is a daily journal, which is the most traditional type of journal. This is the journal you will use mostly on a daily basis, where you write whatever comes to mind. It can be about your day, but it doesn’t have to be. People often use their daily journal to talk about plans or ideas, thoughts and feelings, what they are happy about, what is making them a little anxious, working through certain thought patterns and trying to get more clarity. If you aren’t sure what you will end up writing about, a regular daily journal is the one for you.

Gratitude Journal

You can also start a gratitude journal, which is one you will only use when you are expressing your gratitude. This can be done in any type of journal, including part of your daily journal. You can dedicate one journal just to gratitude, or you can get one specifically for this purpose where it has prompts or a planner style to write what you are grateful for each day.

Travel Journal

If you are going on a trip soon, you might want to pick up a travel journal. Again, these might be a blank journal you use for your travels, or you can find a journal themed specifically for traveling. It might have various prompts and pages dedicated to writing about certain aspects of your travels, like where you are going, your basic itinerary, packing lists, and much more.

Art Journal

For something more creative with art instead of as much words and thoughts, you can use an art journal. You want to use a sketchbook or a book specifically designed for art journaling, since these have paper that can handle different art mediums like colored pencils, paints, watercolors, chalk, and more.

Scripting Journal

Lastly, you can turn your journal into one that is used for scripting. This is when you are writing as if what you want in life has already happened. Scripting is similar to writing affirmations, where you think of what you want, your dreams or your goals, and write it in present tense. A lot of scripts start with “I am”. Instead of saying “I want to earn 6 figures this year…” you start with “I am so thankful to be earning 6 figures a year…”.

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