Using a Journal for a Brain Dump

Using a Journal for a Brain Dump

The brain dump is a powerful thing, even though it is very simplistic in its execution. A brain dump is nothing more than getting all of those thoughts in your head out on paper. It works as a way to release the burden from your mind, and lay them out in front of you. Once you do this, you are able to look through the thoughts and try to make sense of them. Your journal happens to be the best place for a brain dump.

Benefits of Releasing Thoughts in a Journal

Why do a brain dump? This is actually very therapeutic, and is especially beneficial when you are overwhelmed by all the thoughts and ideas in your head. The benefit of doing this is that you can often come up with thoughts or limiting beliefs that you didn’t really know you had. Maybe they are more abstract thoughts or ideas, or deep in your subconscious that end up coming up during a brain dump session. It can help you with so much clarity in your life, or at the very least, figure out where your main focus and stress is.

When to do a Brain Dump

There is no magical time for a brain dump, but here are some ideas when it might be time to do another one:

When you feel lost, confused, or like your life has no direction.

When you are under a lot of stress or your anxiety is worsening.

When you feel out of control in your life and you don’t know how to gain control back.

When you have been living a chaotic or disorganized life.

When your ideas are getting lost among the other thoughts.

When your to-do lists are too long, and you can’t keep up with them.

When you start becoming irritable or moody for no other good reason.

How to Use Your Journal

While you can do the brain dump anywhere, including on a document on your computer, your journal provides a few extra benefits. First of all, getting it all out on paper allows you to make sense of it. It is a lot easier to move words around on paper, than on a computer screen. Plus, writing it out has this therapeutic quality, where you remember more of what you are thinking about. The journal can also provide a tool when you want to look back at what you wrote.

Once you write everything down in your journal, you can then start sorting through it. Put thoughts into lists or categories, and choose what the priorities are use the brain dump as a way to make plans in the future.

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