What Your Journal Reveals About Your Life

What Your Journal Reveals About Your Life

The type of journal you use, the way you write, what you choose to write about, and even how you benefit from journaling is all individual to you. Here are some things that journaling might reveal about you.

How Often You Use it

The first thing you might discover about your life is how often you choose to write in your journal. It can be subtle, but this says a few things about you as a person. If you find that you are using your journal multiple times a day, and just can’t seem to get enough, you probably needed the release. You likely have had a lot on your mind and just want to express yourself.

The Topics You Choose to Write About

Everyone chooses what they want to write about, and the direction you go as far as what you like to write about the most says quite a bit. Maybe you have noticed that you tend to write more about your goals or the topic of starting a business comes up often, or you have had a lot of issues at home with a personal relationship or problems with one of your teens. What you write about when you aren’t thinking about it can tell you so much about where your focus and priorities are.

Your Tone and Language

Look at not just what you write about, but how you write. The way you form words on the page, whether you have paragraphs or one long page, and your tone while writing. Maybe your writing seems to be frantic, messy, and disorganized. This might point to feeling a bit frazzled and stressed out in your life. On the other hand, if it is neat and tidy and you obviously took a lot of time to write in your journal, you may feel a bit calmer and like you have plenty of time to write.

The Ways You Benefit From it

Another thing that can be very unique to each person is in what ways you benefit from journaling. Some people benefit the most simply by expressing their feelings in a safe and private way, while others benefit by having this self-care activity that is just for them every day. Think about the ways in which you are benefiting from it.

Your Goals and Priorities

Lastly, you will discover what your personal goals and priorities are in life with the help of a journal. This is similar to the topics you choose to write about. You can kind of see the ebb and flow of your tone and your topics and your journaling style in general. If you tend to write about professional goals more than your personal life, that is likely where your mind is at right now, and it also shows you what areas you should be exploring further.

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