Why it Can Be Hard to Stick to a Journaling Routine

Why it Can Be Hard to Stick to a Journaling Routine

Everyone has routines, often ones they don’t think about. If you always make your bed after you wake up, that is part of your morning routine. Some people grab a cup of coffee before sitting down at their computer in the office, others have a nighttime routine where most nights they will watch an hour or TV before bed. These routines started out of habit – something you started doing, that eventually became a routine.

With journaling, it can be hard to stick to a routine if you are not going about it the right way.

You Didn’t Turn it Into a Habit

When you start a new routine, it can be a little tricky in the beginning, because you aren’t used to it. This is why it ends up becoming a habit over time, where you don’t think as much about it, but first, you have to stick to the routine long enough to make that happen. This might be where you’re going wrong. Start by adding your journal writing to a regular routine, just a very simple one. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself here. Find the easiest slot of time in your day when you can write in your journal. Do you sit in the morning for a few minutes enjoying a cup of coffee? Great – add writing in your journal to that part of your routine. It is as simple as that.

You Haven’t Nailed Down WHY You Are Journaling

Remember to always know why you are doing something. Don’t write in your journal because you were told to or your friends are doing it – write in it because you understand the benefits and YOUR purpose for it. Take a few minutes to sit and write down all the reasons why you want to write in a journal. Be completely honest here. Even if one of your reasons is just because you found a journal you love and want to use it or because your sister recommended it. Think of all your reasons, and write them down. This alone can give you a lot of clarity into why you haven’t been sticking to your routine.

You Keep Running Out of Ideas

This is a very common problem, but also one with many solutions. Don’t let this deter you from sticking to your journaling routine. There are many things you can do when you run out of things to journal about. Here are just a few:

Find journaling prompts online that give you statements or questions for what to write about.

Just write diary-style, where you write down everything you did that day.

Make a short list of your goals, long-term or short-term ones.

Write down a life bucket list.

Write stream of consciousness style, where you write about anything that comes to your mind for a few minutes.

You Don’t Have a Process or Environment You Enjoy

While it can seem like an inconsequential thing, the environment in which you journal can make a big difference in how well you stick to your journaling routine. Try to come up with one place in your home or office where you can relax and sit in the quiet for a few minutes a day to write. Keep it organized without clutter, have some ambiance like a candle or essential oils diffuser, turn on soft music, and just enjoy the experience.

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