Why You May Need to Rethink Your Journaling Process

Why You May Need to Rethink Your Journaling Process

Your journaling process is everything having to do with writing in your journal. It is about your habit or routine, your environment, and what inspires you to write each day. But there might be some subtle signs that it is time to rethink how you go about journaling.

If You Feel Restricted By Journaling Rules

If you find that you don’t enjoy journaling much anymore because you aren’t “doing it right”, then you have figured out your main problem. You are putting too many rules and restrictions into journaling, which isn’t at all what it should be about. Journaling is an individual thing that doesn’t come with ANY rules, aside from writing. Even that isn’t really a hard and set rule, since many people like to draw and doodle on their journaling pages in addition to writing. Get rid of any rules you seem to have, and that will help you adjust your journaling process.

If You Tend to Lose Interest Quickly

Do you find that whenever you get a new interest in journaling, you write in it for a few days, then give up? This is probably because of a lack of interest. But don’t worry – hope is not lost. There are ways to find that interest spark again. Think back to when you first started journaling and ask yourself why. What was your original purpose? If you don’t know or don’t remember, you found the problem. Try to think of reasons you want to journal and what you hope to benefit from it. This usually re-sparks your interest.

If You Are Not Excited to Journal

If you find that journaling is more like a chore and you aren’t excited to write in it, it is definitely time to consider what is going wrong in your current journaling process. Why aren’t you excited about it? Are you bored of what you write about? Do you not like the environment where you are writing? Are you not seeing the benefits?

Address each of the issues you have individually, as there is bound to be a solution for each of them.

You Aren’t Getting Anything Out of it

While it can take a little while to see the benefits from journaling, if it has been weeks or months and you still don’t see the purpose, you need to reflect on that and find a solution. Be honest with yourself about how you are journaling and how often.

Do you only journal every once in a while? That might be the reason you are not seeing the full benefits of it.

Have you tried another form of writing? Some people find that they don’t see a lot of change just from journaling about their day, and need to get a little deeper in their writing.

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