Why You Should Have a Journaling Routine

Why You Should Have a Journaling Routine

You hear everyone talking about their morning and nighttime routines, and now with their journaling routines. Yes, it is optional and you can write in your journal whenever you want, but there are definitely some benefits to turning it into a routine.

Routines Are Essential to Building Habits

When you have habits in your life, they are typically things you are so used to doing, that you rarely even think about them anymore. But to get to that place, you need to first create a routine, such as adding journaling to your routine. To make it simple, just add journaling to your current routine, such as your morning or nighttime routine. If your nighttime routine consists of taking a bath, getting into your PJs, then reading a book in bed, add writing in your journal right before reading a chapter in your book.

You Benefit the Most with a Regular Routine

The reason so many people talk about routines now is because everyone is understanding the importance of setting up regular routines in order to accomplish your goals. Many routines are in place to help you accomplish some type of goal, and not just professional goals. You might have personal goals like wanting to start a self-care routine or get better sleep or become a healthier person. When you have a routine that works towards this goal, such as writing in a journal to reduce stress before bed, suddenly you are going to benefit a lot more from that routine.

It is a Great Way to Practice Self-Care

Yes, journaling itself can be self-care! But you can also have a journaling routine that encompasses other habits to also help you with your daily self-care. Many people find that shortly after they start a routine with using their journal every day, they want to add other activities to their new self-care routine as well. This can be something as simple as lighting an aromatherapy candle and having a cup of tea in the evening while writing in your journal, or writing in the morning to practice self-care, shortly before you read a little from your book and do some yoga.

Self care comes in many forms, and encompasses so much more than what you probably think. It can include anything that is good for you, your physical health, your wellness, your mind, and your wellbeing.

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