Why Your Journaling Needs a WHY

Why Your Journaling Needs a WHY

Are you struggling to keep up with journaling? Do you find it difficult to be inspired or know what to write about? The problem is likely not about journaling itself or not benefiting from it, but not really understanding your own purpose and WHY you want to write in a journal in the first place.

It Helps You Identify Your Focus

The first reason you need to understand why you are journaling is so you have a specific focus. Journaling encompasses so many different things, that if you aren’t quite sure what direction to go, you can lose steam pretty fast. When you know your purpose for journaling, it guides you in the right direction as far as what you are going to journal about. Otherwise, you might find yourself a little lost and lose interest extremely fast.

You Need to Know the Benefits

It is also going to help you see the benefits of journaling, not just in general, but those benefits that might be more specific to you. If you don’t know what you’re trying to get out of it, then what is going to motivate you to keep writing? And the benefits you personally want from journaling are often different from someone else. Maybe your best friend told you about journaling thanks to scripting and the law of attraction, but you want to use it to reduce anxiety and get some more clarity into your life. This is also why it is important to know your main why.

It Encourages You to Make This a Habit

Habits are what happen after you start a new routine or add something to your current routine. Once you have healthy habits like journaling, you don’t even have to think about them – they happen more on autopilot. You probably have plenty of habits in your life now that you do automatically without thinking about it, from brushing your teeth when you first wake up, to what time you eat lunch every day. This is what can happen with journaling.

You Can Stay Motivated with Journaling

Lack of motivation or just lack of interest is the most common reason why people give up journaling and don’t really see the benefits of it. But more so than that, this happens because they don’t have a clear focus and purpose for why they are journaling. When you do know your purpose for journaling, you suddenly have more inspiration and motivation to continue with it.

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